Options and production figures

1966 Mustang Data

1966 Mustang Production Figures Quantity
63A 2dr Fastback, standard 27,809
63B 2dr Fastback, luxury 7,889
65A 2dr Hardtop, standard 422,416
65B 2dr Hardtop, luxury 55,938
65C 2dr Hardtop, bench seats 21,397
76A Convertible, standard 56,409
76B Convertible, luxury 12,520
76C Convertible, bench seats 3,190
Total 607,568
1966 Shelby Production Figures Quantity
GT350 1,368
GT350 Convertible 4
GT350H 1,001
Racing and special models 4
GT350S 11
Total 2,378
Mustang Options Retail
Hardtop, 65A $2,416.18
Convertible, 76A 2,652.86
2+2 Fastback, 63A 2,607.07
Shelby GT350 4,428.00
200hp 289 ci V-8 extra charge over 6 cyl 105.63
225hp 289 ci V-8 extra charge over 200hp 289 52.85
271hp 289 ci with GT Equipment Group 276.34
271hp 289 ci without GT Equipment Group 327.92
Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, 6 cyl 175.80
Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, 200
& 225hp V-8s
Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, 271hp V-8 216.27
4-speed manual transmission, 6 cyl 113.45
4-speed manual transmission, V-S engines 184.02
Power brakes 42.29
Power Steering 84.47
Power convertible top 52.95
Air conditioner, Ford 310.90
AM Radio-Stereosonic tape system (requires radio) 128.29
Front seat, full with arm rest, 65A & 76A 24.42
Luggage rack, rear deck lid, 65A & 76A 32.44
Radio and antenna 57.51
Accent stripe, less rear quarter ornamentation 13.90
Full-length console 50.41
Console, with air conditioner 31.52
Deluxe steering wheel 32.20
Interior Decor Group 94.13
Vinyl roof, 65A 74.36
Wire wheel covers 58.24
Wheel covers, knock-off hubs 19.48
Closed crankcase emissions system 5.19
Exhaust emission control system (NA 271hp) 45.45
MagicAire heater, delete option (31.52)
Front disc brakes, 8 cyl (NA with power brakes) 56.77
Limited slip differential 41.60
Rally-Pac clock/tachometer 69.30
Special Handling Package, 200 & 225hp V-8s 30.64
GT Equipment Group, 225 & 271hp V-8s 152.20
Styled steel wheels, 14 in, 8 cyl only 93.84
Heavy-duty battery, 55 amp 7.44
Electric windshield wipers, 2-speed 12.95
Deluxe Seatbelts, frnt & rear (frnt retractors) & warning light 14.53
Visibility Grp (rmt mirror, day/night mirror & 2-spd wipers) 29.81
Tinted glass with banded windshield 30.25
Tinted glass with windshield only 21.09
Optional tires (except with 271hp 289) extra charge for:
(5) 6.95×14 4-p.r. WSW 33.31
(5) 6.95×14 4-p.r. BSW nylon (NC with 271hp) 15.67
(5) 6.95×14 4-p.r. WSW nylon (NC with 271hp) 48.89
(5) 6.95×14 4-p.r. Dual Red Band nylon 48.97
200 cid 1V 6-cyl 120hp T
289 cid 2V V8 200hp C
289 cid 4V V8 225hp A
289 cid* 4V V8 271hp Hi-Po K


*Shelby GT350
Vehicle Identification Numbers
6 Last digit of model year
R Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose,
09 Body code (07-hardtop, 08-convertible,
K Engine code
100001 Consecutive unit number
Example: 6R09K100001


Shelby Vehicle Identification Numbers
SFM Shelby Ford Mustang
6 Last digit of model year
S S-Street
001 Consecutive unit number
Example: SFM6S001


Exterior Colors Code
Raven Black* A
Arcadian Blue F
Sapphire Blue (Shelby only) G
Sahara Beige H
Nightmist Blue K
Wimbledon White* M
Antique Bronze P
Brittany Blue Q
Ivy Green Metallic* R
Candyapple Red* T
Tahoe Turquoise U
Emberglo V
Vintage Burgundy X
Silver Blue Y
Sauterne Gold Z
Silver Frost 4
Signalflare Red 5
Springtime Yellow 8
Dark Moss Green (late 1966) Y7
*Also available on Shelbys
Additional available colors:
Medium Palomino Metalic
Medium Silver Metallic
Maroon Metallic
Silver Blue Metallic
Light Beige
Interior Trim Code
Blue w/blue 22
Dark red w/red 25
Black w/black 26
Aqua w/aqua 27
Parchment w/blue D2
Parchment w/burgundy D3
Parchment vinyl w/black 46
Parchment w/emberglo D4
Parchment w/black D6
Parchment w/aqua 56
Blue vinyl w/blue D7
Parchment w/ivy gold D8
Parchment w/palomino D9
Blue & White, luxury 62
Emberglo & Parchment, luxury 64
Red, luxury 65
Black, luxury 66
Aqua & White, luxury 67
Ivy Gold & White, luxury 68
Parchment w/blue, luxury F2
Parchment w/burgundy, luxury F3
Parchment w/emberglo, luxury F4
Parchment w/black, luxury F6
Parchment w/aqua, luxury F7
Parchment w/ivy gold, luxury F8
Parchment w/palomino, luxury F9
Blue, bench 32
Red, bench 35
Black, bench 36
Parchment w/blue, bench C2
Parchment w/burgundy, bench C3
Parchment w/ivy gold, bench C8
Parchment w/palomino, bench C9
Convertible Top Colors
Black or White
Date Code
Month 1st Year Code 2nd Year Code
Januari A N
February B P
March C Q
April D R
May E S
June F T
July G U
August H V
September J W
October K X
November L Y
December M Z


DSO (District Code)
Boston 11
Buffalo 12
New York 13
Pittsburgh 14
Newark 15
Atlanta 21
Charlotte 22
Philadelphia 23
Jacksonville 24
Richmond 25
Washington 26
Cincinnatti 31
Cleveland 32
Detroit 33
Indianapolis 34
Lansing 35
Louisville 36
Chicago 41
Fargo 42
Rockford 43
Twin Cities 44
Davenport 45
Denver 51
Des Moines 52
Kansas City 53
Omaha 54
St. Louis 55
Dallas 61
Houston 62
Memphis 63
New Orleans 64
Oklahoma City 65
Los Angeles 71
San Jose 72
Salt Lake City 73
Seattle 74
Ford of Canada 81
Government 83
Home Office Reserve 84
American Red Cross 85
Transportation Services 89
Export 90-99
Rear Axle Ratios Code
3.00:1 1
2.83:1 2
3.20:1 3
3.50:1 5
2.80:1 6
3.89:1 8
4.11:1 9
3.00:1(Limited Slip) A
2.83:1(Limited Slip) B
3.20:1Limited Slip) C
3.50:1(Limited Slip) E
2.80:1(Limited Slip) F
3.89:1(Limited Slip) H
4.11:1(Limited Slip) I
Transmissions Code
3 sp. manual (2.77) 1
3 sp. manual (3.03) 3
4 sp. manual 5
C-4 Automatic 6

For the very first time; American’s could literally «build» the car of their dreams, as most American car Manufacturer’s now offered ton’s of ‘extra’s’ or ‘options’ when ordering a new car. But, it now believed the incredible success of Ford’s Mustang was not only due to the marketing by Lee Iaccooa but, to the fact the consumer could actually ‘build’ him, or herself, a custom car by choosing from over 70 options offered for the 1966 Mustang! Many folks did not realize Ford really meant the advertising term» The Car that was designed to be designed by YOU». After paying as little as $2368 FOB (base coupe), you could load your car up with a myriad of options like:

Interior Decor Group, Disc Brakes, 4-Speed or Cruise-o-matic Automatic, Limited Slip Differential, Rally Pac Gauges, Special Handling Suspension Package, GT Equipment, Power Assist Groups which included Power Steering (not avail. on GT), Power Brakes, Power Soft Top.

Safety Equipment Group which included Sun Visors, Deluxe Seatbelts, & Emergency Flashers or the

Accent Group which could include Air Conditioning, Console Units (short on AC or Long), Back-Up Lamps and Heavy Duty Battery. You could even get a ‘Real’ or ‘fake’ Wood Steering Wheel, Dash Mounted Clock, Remote Truck Release, Floor Mats, Vinyl Covered Roof (notchback Coupe only), Stainless Door Jambs, Remote Mirror, AM / Eight-Track In Dash Tape Player, Chrome Gill Trim Plates, Back-Lit Mustang Emblem, Folding Sunroof (Notchback Coupe Only), Tissue Dispenser, Underhood Trouble Light, Rear Seat Speaker, «Pony» Horseshoe Bumperettes, Deck-Mounted Luggage Rack, or even a miniature Mustang Pedal car. Seldom seen (if ever) are the even rarer Collapsible Spare Tire, Factory Lake Side Pipes, Factory Trailer Hitch, Reverberator Sound System, Ford Fire Extinguisher or Removable Hardtop.

This meant, your base model Convertible could end up ‘stickered’ at over $4,400… even as much as $4,600 (’66 Corvette’s were $4,084). People ‘listened’ and ‘loaded up’ their cars with options. 71% had V8’s, 50% had Automatics, 85% had Whitewalls, 80% came with a Radio, and 10% had the Rally Pac Gauges. By years end (1966) Ford sold 607,568 Mustangs. 56,409 were ‘regular’ Mustang Convertible’s but, only a relatively small percentage was GT Models. It turns out many have rusted away or crashed. It is still really difficult ‘to find a good one’. Another setback, is trying to find an original Mustang that hasn’t been ‘altered’ to suit the new owner. There are a gluttony of color-change now Red cars in the marketplace. Just finding a car in one of the original 16 factory colors can be a challenge. Plus, note: due to the popularity many Mustangs are also being changed from 6 cylinder to 8 cylinder (careful: check the wheels:4 lug nuts= 6 cylinder, 5 lugs= 8 cylinder). Some ‘restoration’ shops are even cutting Notchback Coupes to make them into Convertibles! Real GT’s had Front Disc Brakes and did not have AC from the Factory*. Finding a real Mustang GT Convertible can be very rewarding. Why are they so popular? Because they are a blast to drive and are everything they were cracked up to be. Ford’s very own promotional banter will make you gag but, here’s how it went:

«A Mustang is for Riding in The Open…

A Mustang is for Riding in Town…

A Mustang will Cheer You When You’re Moping…

‘Specially, when the Top is Neatly Down»